Don’t Go Completely Cellular! Keep Your Landline—Here’s Why


cellularLots of people don’t bother with a landline anymore since we are all attached to our cellular devices basically 24/7, but we strongly suggest that if you do still have one, hang on to it; keep it for a rainy day. I know it’s 2016 now and everything is digital but there are a few advantages to having a landline and being able to use your cell phone as spy for a cell phone. Why? Well, here’s a rundown of our top reasons why you shouldn’t go all digital-all the time so quickly.

Emergency Services
Call 911 from a landline, and they’re practically guaranteed to be able to find you. It’s not that cellphone tracking is impossible, but it can be difficult and presents considerable challenges when circumstances aren’t ideal. But when it comes to a landline, the dispatcher can track the physical location of that phone very easily. For those who have children or elderly persons at home, this can be a literal lifesaver.

Also, if you’ve never called 911 on either type of phone, be aware that when you call via a cell phone, you generally have to go through several menus and give your address. If you have an intruder in your home, is that really going to be a good idea? With a landline, simply dialing 911 and then setting the phone down will get you the help you need—you don’t even need to say a single word.

Power Outages
cellularThis is another one that many people have forgotten about, and there’s probably a generation that doesn’t even know—landline (non-wireless) phones don’t need the power to be on to run. If you have a traditional, corded extra, even stashed away in the closet, you’ve always got a way to communicate with the outside world. That cellphone battery isn’t going to last forever, and severe power outages can last for days.

A landline number nearly always comes free with cable service bundles. So why wouldn’t you use it, if you’re already paying for the privilege of having it? It’s not like you’re obligated to talk on it—but just having a phone in the house for emergencies, as referenced above, is a great idea.

Your Phone Number
If you’ve been using a landline for a significant period of time, it’s nice to keep that number in commission. Switch friends and family over to your cell phone, but keep your landline for business, bills, and whenever you need to fill out a telephone number but don’t particularly want to receive calls. You’ll know you can check the voicemail later—no rushing to pick up telemarketer calls anymore.

Cell phones and the towers that support them are better than ever, and keep improving, but they’re still behind a physical phone line in many ways. Voice reception, for example. The quality is night and day when it comes to audio cell phone spy technology. Staying up when the weather gets rough is another advantage, as many landlines are now buried underground. Plus, if there’s a major emergency, whether national or regional, cell service can get clogged up very quickly. Landlines are quite a bit more reliable in that case. While we all hope something like, for example, 9/11 never happens again, why not at least be prepared to be able to communicate in the unfortunate event that it does?

My Favorite Apps

These are some of the most useful apps in my life to figure out exactly how to fix my finances to afford both a landline and an expensive cell phone:
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